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Miami Springs says house numbers must be readable from street

Starting this month, Miami Springs is rigorously enforcing two provisions in the city code.

Code inspectors will canvass the city for two major violations: improper display of house numbers in front of homes and illegally parked recreational vehicles.

All house numbers, according to the city, must be:

• At least three inches in height

• In a contrasting color to that of the structure to which it is attached

• Visible and easily readable from the roadway fronting the displayed street number

House numbers cannot be blocked by trees or shrubs.

Meanwhile, RVs are to be parked only in completely enclosed structures, or in rear yards.

Code inspectors will be out looking for RVs illegally parked on side yards without a variance. Front-yard parking of RVs is never allowed.

Residents with questions about the code can call 305-805-5000.