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New Miami Dolphins logo? Real or not, it is a talker

Feast your eyes, Dolphins fans, on the team’s new logo. Unless it’s a hoax. Then forget about it.

In essence, that’s been the conversation bouncing around the interwebs Wednesday, as speculation mounted that the new Dolphins logo is a little bit of old, and a lot of new.

Both the website for New York City fan club and the Twitter account belonging to Paul Lukas, an “obsessive [studier] of athletics aesthetics,” posted near-identical pictures of what’s purported to be the team’s new logo.

If authentic, the logo will include the familiar orange sun as an outline, but the dolphin will get a futuristic makeover.

The Dolphins didn’t respond immediately to emails asking about the graphic’s veracity. On Monday, team CEO Mike Dee tweeted, “I hear all the logo buzz out there ... I’ll provide an update soon! Happy holidays to all. Be safe!”

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