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Hallandale Beach identify man stabbed with pen

Hallandale Beach Police on Friday identified the man killed by two teenage cousins earlier this week after a deal involving a prostitute went awry.

Gregory Hyppolite, 32, who is originally from New Jersey and moved to South Florida in 2003, was found beaten and stabbed by a pen.

Hallandale Beach Police say they were called to a fight behind Advanced Auto Parts, 117 N. Federal Hwy., about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. There, they saw the two cousins, 14-year-old Jose Carlos Llano and 17-year-old Juan Xolo, hovering over the body of a man and striking him, the officers said.

The teens told police that they agreed to pay Hyppolite $40 if he introduced them to a prostitute, according to the arrest report. But the prostitute turned the boys down because they only had $5 each on them.

Having done his part, Hyppolite demanded payment.

At one point, Llano went home to get more money, but returned carrying a laptop computer. Hyppolite refused to take it and the fight broke out.

The boys, charged with second degree murder, were arraigned Thursday, and will be held in a juvenile detention center until at least Jan. 10 when prosecutors will decide whether to charge them as adults.