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Police arrest woman in another ‘toxic tush’ case, this time in Hialeah

Another day, another South Florida woman has been arrested for illegally performing butt enhancements.

This time, the “toxic tush” doctor was Samela Hernandez, 53, who injected a “foreign substance” into a woman “for the purpose of enhancing size and shape” only to see her rear end grow “deformed and sensitive,” according to a Hialeah police report.

Hernandez and her husband, Pedro Hernandez, were arrested this week on charges of practicing healthcare without a license and possession of blank prescription forms.

Hialeah detectives this week raided the couple’s Hialeah home and seized a slew of medical equipment including syringes and Lidocaine, plus a list of clients and procedures. Two more victims were at the house at the time, and told police they had undergone procedures for months; one said she believed Hernandez was a nurse.

The first victim told police that after the first injection, she returned to the Hernandez house and they administered “more solution into the void area of her buttocks to ‘fill in’ the gaps between the welts.”

She sustained “permanent deformity” as a result -- and soon learned that the substance used in her buttocks was banned in Colombia “because of its tendency to cause cancer,” the report said.

Detectives learned that Hernandez arranged for the illegal solution to be bottled as “massage wax” and shipped to the United States from Colombia.

Her arrest comes after the unrelated arrest of Oneal Morris, the transgender woman charged in two counties with injecting people seeking fuller posteriors, drew worldwide headlines.

She is accused of administering toxic concoctions that included Fix-a-Flat and resulted in at least one death. Photos of the defendant’s own large posterior went viral on the Internet.