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Police find body outside Hallandale Beach auto parts store

Police are investigating the death of an adult man found behind an Advanced Auto Parts store just north of Hallandale Beach Boulevard.

Hallandale Beach police were called at 4:30 a.m. in reference to a fight. When they responded to the call, they found two teenagers hovering over a man. The teens, ranging in age from 14 to 17, ran from police. Police found them and returned to the scene where the man was laying on the ground.

Paramedics found the man unresponsive. The injuries were consistent with someone striking him, police said.

Business owners and nearby witnesses say there are homeless people that live behind some stores in the area. Police chief Dwayne Flournoy said the area indicated that homeless people do live nearby.

There was a laptop involved in the incident. The juveniles are being questioned by police as well as their parents who are cooperating with police.

Susan Iverson, who lives in a nearby trailer home, said she often saw a man on a laptop living in cardboard boxes outside of Advanced Auto Parts. "He was harmless. I would see him all the time and he never did anything," she said.

As of noon, police were still trying to clear the scene.

CBS4-Miami contributed to this story