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FSU Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher: ‘I think the BCS stinks’

Jimbo Fisher is tired of being polite about the Bowl Championship Series.

Though he had resisted the urge to vent about the BCS in recent weeks, on Monday morning he broke his silence.

“You can only control what you can control which is to go win,” Fisher said. “But we’re going down the wrong [road]. I think it stinks. I think the BCS stinks. How we go with all these computers and stuff I think we’re ruining it.”

Despite winning while teams ahead of them lose, Florida State has been stuck around No. 10 in the BCS rankings for weeks now.

While FSU is No. 6 in the coaches’ and Harris polls – the two voter polls comprise two-thirds of the BCS formula — the six computer polls of BCS rank the Seminoles an average of 18.75.

“What’s a computer put in?” asked Fisher. “It’s too much about who you play, not how you play. And you’re subject to your conferences, what are you going to do?”

Some might say play a better out-of-conference schedule. But the Seminoles have UF scheduled annually, traveled to USF this year and had West Virginia locked up until conference realignment forced the Mountaineers out of the game at the last minute.

The Seminoles currently lead the nation in total defense and third-down efficiency, they are second in run defense, fifth in pass defense and fourth in scoring defense. They also boast the fourth-ranked scoring offense and average the most yards per offensive play in the country.

Their only blemish is a forgettable 30 minutes at North Carolina State, where they blew at 16-0 second-half lead and lost 17-16.

Aside from that, the Seminoles have been largely dominant.

“I’m not saying it just for us, I’m saying it for everyone else,” Fisher said. “I think the human element has got to be [a greater factor]. If we can’t do it with the human element, if we’ve got to have a computer tell us who’s the best team., we’ve got issues. We’ve got major problems, and I think it’s got to be fixed.”

The Jeff Sagarin computer rankings currently have FSU 33rd, the Massey ratings rank them 26th. All six computer polls have Clemson — which Florida State beat 49-37 in September — ranked ahead of the Seminoles.

Said Fisher: “I was watching them [discuss] the BCS last night [on TV] and someone was saying they’d rather see us playing in the national championship game than someone who was undefeated.

“I mean Clemson’s playing great, they’re doing a super job but you look at something like that and say, that doesn’t make sense. I mean the human element, that’s the thing that we’re missing.”

Fisher doesn’t think things will improve with a playoff, either. To him the formula for picking the teams is flawed regardless of how you set up the finals.

Fisher favors the coaches’ poll due to the knowledge of the game possessed by the men casting the ballots. As is evidenced by both voter polls in the BCS, that method favors the Seminoles.

For his part, Fisher thinks his team is the best of the one-loss schools in the nation.

“I think we’re as good as any of them, yes, I do,” he said.

And his coaches’ poll ballot reflects that:

“I had K-State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Florida State, Alabama, Georgia.”

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