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Hot Diggity Dog! The Wienermobile is back in South Florida

With only a drop of gas in their car, Cindy Kenny and Toni Damigella were determined to make it to see the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile parked at a Pembroke Pines Wal-Mart on Thursday.

“When I saw it I was freaking out,’’ said Damigella, 46, of Pembroke Pines. “I’ve never been inside.”

Step inside the Wienermobile, and step onto a mustard-splattered floor, and seating for six with a ketchup-and-mustard theme. Outside, fans sing the Oscar Mayer anthem — all together now:

“Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener...’’

Since 1936, the Wienermobile has been traveling to cities across the nation, spreading the joy of hot dogs.

Currently there are six vehicles in the Wienermobile fleet, with personalized license plates such as “BIG BUN,’’ “Relish Me,’’ “Ltl Link,’’ “OSCRMYR,’’ and “IWSHIWR.’’

Behind the wheel of “Big Bun,’’ the Wienermobile currently in South Florida, are “hot doggers’’ Angella Pimentel and Eliot Patee.

“He’s Big Bun and I love him,’’ Pimentel said of the vehicle as she greeted the crowd and handed out Wiener Whistles.

Part of their job is to make as many hot dog puns as possible:

“Have a Bunderful Day.’’

“Say Cheesy Wieners.”

“We loved ‘meating’ you and would ‘relish’ the opportunity to ‘ketchup’ again.”

Some facts the average person may not know about the Wienermobile:

• The horn plays the Oscar Mayer anthem.

• Each Wienermobile is 60 hot dogs long and 24 hot dogs high.

• Each Wienermobile has a “bun” roof with a smiling front grill.

As Pimentel and Patee handout out Wiener Whistles, gave tours and sang the anthem, crowds gathered around the BIG BUN to take pictures.

Among them, Joey Kelly of Pembroke Pines. Kelly first say the Wienermobile 60 years ago in Wisconsin.

“You don’t get to see Wienermobiles every day,’’ she said.