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Kelvin Cain’s mom disputes Miami Hurricanes’ claim that backup DE quit team

A day after a UM spokesman said junior reserve defensive end Kelvin Cain had quit the team, his mother, Ursula Dean, said she was still confused with how the situation transpired and said Kelvin told her when he got to his locker this week, it had been cleared of all his belongings.

“He’s heartbroken,’’ said Dean, who lives in Clovis, Calif. “He said he did not quit the team.

“Coach Golden told me he left the team but that’s not what my son is telling me. He said, ‘Mom, when I showed up, nothing was in my locker.’ ’’

UM spokesman Chris Freet said Thursday that Cain was on the dress roster for Florida State last Saturday and was expected to be at the game, but that he had “removed himself from team activities” by not showing up Friday or for the game.

Dean told The Miami Herald her son called his older brother late last week telling him he was left off the list of UM players who were to stay overnight at their usual Friday night hotel before home games.

UM puts out two rosters: a 60-player list of those staying in the hotel; and a dress roster for those who are to suit up on game day.

She said she got a call from defensive line coach Jethro Franklin on Friday afternoon saying coaches didn’t know where Kelvin was.

“Kelvin told me he wasn’t supposed to show up,’’ Dean said. “But I don’t know the rules and if that’s true or not.”

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