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Security guard in Northeast Miami-Dade killed by gunmen

Miami-Dade police are searching for suspects who shot and killed a security guard who drove up just as a neighbor was being robbed at a Northeast Miami-Dade apartment complex.

Kervin Jolicoeur, 32, was arriving home to the Vista Palm complex, 417 NE 191st St., after finishing his security guard job at another complex a few miles away, his family said. The shooting took place shortly before 5 a.m. Friday in front of his apartment, according to police.

“He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Toni Jolicoeur, the victim’s brother, who lives nearby.

Kervin Jolicoeur shared an apartment with his mother Jeanine Jolicoeur, who had been visiting family and friends in Haiti for the last three months. She cut her trip short Friday, returning to face the loss of one of her two sons.

Shortly after her arrival Friday afternoon, shrieks and cries could be heard coming from the apartment.

“She’s not going to be able to sleep tonight,” said Chrisla Sinfar, cousin of the victim. “Now, everyday she has to know that’s where he died.”

Family members say Kervin Jolicoeur’s body was found outside his car. He apparently drove up just as one of his neighbors had been robbed at gunpoint and was screaming as she ran away.

Neighbors say the woman was the third to be robbed at gunpoint that morning.

“I don’t think he had a chance to do anything,” Sinfar said.

When the suspects saw him get out of his vehicle in his security guard uniform, someone pulled the trigger. The suspects ran away.

Kervin Jolicoeur grew up in South Florida and attended North Miami High.

“You always hear people say he was a really good person, but he really was a good person,” said family friend Deborah Charles-Pierre. “He was always trying to make peace.”

Charles-Pierre was getting ready for work early Friday when she heard the news.

She immediately put the pieces together and began making calls. She was the first to alert relatives.

Resident Noelia Moreno said robberies are common in the year and half since she has lived in Vista Palms.

“It’s always at that time, like 4:30 in the morning,” Moreno said.

The community’s security gates are always open and guards don’t provide much protection.

Police are still searching for the shooters. Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at305-471-8477 or 866-471-8477.