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For Nisi Berryman, owner of NIBA Home, the Design District boutique that’s considered a go-to spot for South Florida’s hottest interior decorators, appreciation for craftsmanship runs in the family. “My father was a great builder with a great eye. He built two of his homes with his own hands,” she says. “I really think that rubbed off on me, and I learned to value how things are produced.” A Mississippi native, she satiated her love of all things beautiful while in college at Louisiana State University, where she studied art history before heading to New York City, a move that launched her career in design and furnishings. The journey to Miami had many stops along the way—from showroom manager to interior decorator to magazine editor to stylist to marketer—but it’s at her boutique where all she’s learned and loved is on display.

Offering everything from fun Lucite furnishings to classic Murano glass vases to statement-making chandeliers, Berryman’s merchandise doesn’t conform to a single style. “I have so many different looks in here,” she says. “Contemporary, vintage, very serious, very light-hearted,” she says. “One of the goals is to buy things that don’t look like they come from just one store.” She’s especially excited about her newest addition: her own line of upholstered furniture, called Suite305, which is being manufactured in Miami by the highly regarded LeJeune Upholstery. The line, which she designed, came about because “when I tried to find a sofa for my own house, I couldn’t find anything with the right arms and the right pitch.” Timeless in style, she says it features “the kind of pieces you can put anywhere.”

Berryman offered INDULGE a peek at her new line and her shop, which she warns “looks small from the street, but as you come in it unfolds and takes some time to absorb. So I always tell people to come with a little bit of time.”

NIBA, 39 NE 39th Street, Miami; 305-573-1939;