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2 more jailed in day-care death

Police on Friday arrested the owner of a Broward day-care center who was linked to the death of a 4-year-old boy. The bust occurred at an unlikely location: another child-care center she was operating in New York City.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that New York police officers, acting on an indictment from Broward County, arrested 43-year-old Cecily Roberts in Brooklyn just before 7 a.m. Officers also arrested Roberts’ 20-year-old daughter, Camile Gordon. Both women were charged by a grand jury with aggravated manslaughter, and Roberts also faces one charge of felony child care misrepresentation, BSO said.

“Investigators were shocked to learn [Roberts and Gordon] were operating another home day-care in that state,” BSO said in a prepared statement.

Roberts, Gordon and a third woman, Paris Ward, were charged in connection with the Aug. 1 death of Jordan Coleman, who perished after Gordon and Ward left him unattended in a sweltering SUV. Authorities say Roberts instructed the younger women to take Jordan and seven other youngsters out of her home-based licensed day-care for the day because she was afraid licensing administrators in Broward would inspect her home. Roberts already was in trouble for accepting more children than her license allowed, and for allowing underage caregivers to be in charge of the home.

BSO announced the arrests Friday, but refused to discuss the case further.

Authorities had shut down the Broward day-care center after Jordan’s death.