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Gulfstream casino still closed after aquarium bursts

Two casino rooms at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino were still closed Monday night as crews repaired damage caused by a saltwater aquarium that burst, a company spokesman said.

The 13-foot tall aquarium sprang a leak just after midnight Sunday, then burst, pouring about 10,000 gallons of water onto the second-floor casino in Hallandale Beach.

Water also seeped downstairs into the first-floor casino. The cylindrical aquarium, 13 feet in diameter and 13 feet high, held more than a dozen fish, including sharks, a lion fish and a puffer.

About 3,000 gallons of water remained in the aquarium, allowing scrambling employees to keep the fish safe. The fish are being cared for by a company that cleans the aquarium.

The buffet, simulcast area, dining rooms and shops remained open Monday. Crews were manning dryers Sunday as workers checked everything from the air quality of the rooms to the electrical system. No timetable has been set for the casino re-opening, a spokesman said.