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Labor Day weather: Warm and mostly sunny; slight chance of showers

Vacationers can rest easy: South Florida weather will remain warm and mostly sunny, with just a slight chance of scattered showers going into Labor Day.

Temperatures will be “seasonable,” said forecaster Jeral Estupinan, with the National Weather Service in Miami. Maximum temperatures will be about 87 degrees near the Southeast coast and Biscayne Bay, 90 degrees further inland.

Wind will be mild at 7 miles per hour. No advisories have been set for boaters.

The chance of showers will be 20 percent on Sunday and closer to 30 percent on Monday. Estupinan said the rain is mostly “sea breeze driven,” and is due to an upper level low moving in from the east.

That shouldn’t be too much cause for worry, though.

“Most of the clouds will be moving to the west coast,” Estupinan said. “It’s not going to be cloudy all day.”

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