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Suspect shot, apprehended as chase ends in Miami Gardens

A high-speed car chase early Friday afternoon ended with one man shot and three others in police custody.

According to preliminary police reports, the chase started around midday in Kendall and involved several police departments, leaving a trail of damage through Northwest Miami-Dade.

The pursuit ended when the driver made a sharp U-turn by the Palmetto Expressway and crashed into a fence. The driver ran from the car and jumped over the fence, leaving the three other suspects behind. Police eventually caught the driver and arrested the three suspects at the site of the crash.

Reports from witnesses and live video from the chase confirm that shots were fired at the site of the crash. There was blood on one of the suspects’ shirt before he was taken away on a stretcher to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His condition is still unknown.

Relatives of one of the suspects were at the scene of the crash. His sister, who did not reveal her name, called out, “Chris are you ok!?!” as he was being put into an ambulance, bound by plastic handcuffs.

The chase left a trail of smashed police cruisers through Opa-locka and Miami Gardens. An empty Opa-locka police cruiser was being watched by officers at NW 151st Street and NW 32nd Avenue. Its right side and front bumper were smashed. The cruiser also appeared to have a bullet-hole puncture across its hood. Shattered glass marked where the bullet hit the front window shield.

At NW 152nd Terrace and NW 27th Place, a Miami-Dade police cruiser laid off to the side of the road with its front smashed. The officer driving the cruiser was being tended to by other police. Witnesses said that the officer driving the cruiser was bleeding from her nose after the crash.

“We were sitting in the house and we heard sirens, and by the time I got out we saw grass and dust in the air,” said Walter Sutton Jr., a veteran of the Miami Beach Police Department who was visiting a friend near NW 152nd Terrace and NW 27th Place. “The first thing I did was run over to the officer to make sure she was ok.”

Police are still investigating and have yet to release information, but a spokesperson for Miami-Dade said that no officers were seriously injured. The police investigation caused traffic to back up on the Palmetto Expressway for several hours.

Miami Herald writers Alexandra Leon and Andrea Asuaje contributed to this story.