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Miami police search for gunman wanted in wounding of girlfriend’s relatives

A domestic dispute triggered a shooting spree on Sunday when an angry boyfriend tracked down and shot members of his girlfriend’s family — and also an innocent bystander.

After wounding three people, an armed Erin Cash, 23, took off and Miami police feared he would target more victims on the street.

Cash sounded desperate, his victims told police: “I’m not going down without a fight!” he said.

“He has said he will not go down without a fight and those are very dangerous words,” said Miami police spokesman Det. William Moreno.

At around noon, Miami police issued an urgent public alert warning of a suspect in a car “randomly shooting at unsuspecting victims.”

The manhunt for Cash was on, as his victims received treatment at Jackson Memorial Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

By 2 p.m., Cash’s car, a white 2006 Pontiac with tinted windows, had been found abandoned at his mother’s home at 1255 NW 72nd St. The car was towed away.

As of Sunday night, Cash remained at large.

The violence began at around 8 a.m. when an argument erupted between Cash and his unidentified girlfriend as they drove with their 3-year-old son in the Pontiac.

The fight grew heated and Cash threaten to kill the woman and their toddler. The woman jumped out of the moving vehicle at Northwest 13th Ave and 41st Street.

“She feared for her life and jumped out.” Moreno said.

Cash took off and dropped off the toddler at his mother’s home, police said.

Cash then headed to the Liberty City home of his girlfriend, where he opened fire, wounding one of her brothers. He then jumped back in his car and tracked down a second brother, wounding him, too.

He then opened fire on the street on a third person, but missed and wounded an innocent bystander instead, police said.

It’s unclear what exactly prompted the attack on his girlfriend’s family. Cash now faces multiple charges of attempted murder, police said.

Anyone with information on Cash’s whereabouts is asked to call the police department’s homicide unit at 305- 603-6350 or Crime Stoppers at 305- 471-4877.