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Sweetwater police reveal new details about robbery ring

Sweetwater police released surveillance video and new details from a brazen burglary involving an eight-man crime ring responsible for stealing $80,000 worth of computers from a warehouse on June 30.

All members of the burglary ring were brought into custody between July 4 and July 6 after the ring’s driver, Orestes Chacon Lopez, was arrested following the theft at General Procurement warehouse in Sweetwater. It was Chacon Lopez’s arrest that led police to the others.

“He cried like a rat,” Sweetwater Police Chief Roberto Fulgueira said of Chacon Lopez.

According to police, the men used the warehouse’s white truck to break into the closed garage door at 2051 NW 112th Ave., No. 129 at 8 p.m. Surveillance video shows that within five minutes the men had loaded the merchandise and escaped using the truck and three other cars. Minutes later, Sweetwater police caught up to Chacon Lopez after he crashed into a tree in the Dolphin Mall parking lot following a chase.

The other suspects arrested include: Leandro Chacon, Yaser Lopez, Reinel Valdivia, Juan Carlos Arencibia, Eliezer Roche Mena, Alois Cea-Gonzalez and Rigoberto Fernandez Donato. All were charged with one count of unoccupied burglary, grand theft auto and grand theft.

Cea-Gonzalez, who police say said was the “mastermind” of the theft, was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence after he assaulted an officer during interrogation.

Police characterized the members of the ring as professional criminals who planned and executed a number of heists across Miami-Dade.

“These people dedicate their lives to doing this everyday,” said Fulgueira, the police chief.

Investigators suspect the ring is responsible for other thefts in Miami-Dade and may involve more members. There is also a ninth suspect who was involved in the June 30 robbery that is still at large. The ninth suspect’s identity was not revealed, but police said he drove a green Ford Escape and is between the ages of 40 to 50 years old.

“We don’t know how far it will extend,” said Fulgueira “But there will be other arrests for sure.”