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Sweetwater police bust burglary ring

Sweetwater police say they have broken up a robbery ring responsible for stealing computers and computer parts valued at $80,000.

While being interrogated, one of the suspects lept over the table and punched the lead detective in the head several times, police said. The officer, Octavio Oliu, was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Six of the suspects, wearing ski masks, baseball caps and gloves, burglarized General Procurement, 2051 NW 112th Ave., No. 129, on the evening of June 30, according to a news release by the Sweetwater Police Department on Saturday.

Another man acted as a look-out; an eighth man was an insider with the company, police spokeswoman Michelle Hammontree-Garcia said.

Security footage shows several men casing the building for two hours. Members of the burglary ring sawed through the back of a company box truck and hotwired it to start.

Sweetwater police officer Jacksonville Palaez was alerted of the break-in and spotted the truck at Northwest 111th Avenue and 17th Street, near Dolphin Mall. He attempted to stop the truck, which then crashed into a tree in the Dolphin Mall parking lot. Police say Orestes Chacon, the driver, tried to escape on foot but was arrested by Palaez.

The other suspects arrested include: Leandro Chacon, Yaser Lopez, Reinel Valdivia, Juan Carlos Arencibia, Eliezer Roche Mena, Alois Cea-Gonzalez and Rigoberto Fernandez Donato. The men were all charged with one count of unoccupied burglary, grand theft auto and grand theft. Cea-Gonzalez was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence.

Two of the men have criminal records, according to the news release. Cea-Gonzalez is currently on federal probation for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Fernandez Donato has an extensive criminal history, including grand theft, grand theft auto and resisting arrest with violence.

He was out on bail for grand theft auto and possession of an automobile with an altered VIN, the news release said.

Alois Cea-Gonzalez was at the interrogation table when he punched Oliu in the head repeatedly, according to police.