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Prepare for more wet weather: Tropical system in Gulf of Mexico brings rain to South Florida

More wet weather is in store for the weekend.

According to Mike Bettwy, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Miami, the rain will be on and off all day.

“It looks like it will be similar to what we saw yesterday,” Bettwy said. “There will be intervals of heavy rain at times, not anything that lasts all day.”

The wet weather is due to a tropical system forming in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a 90 percent chance the system in the Gulf will turn into a tropical cyclone, according to the National Hurricane Center.

But South Floridians don’t need to worry too much, according to Bettwy.

“The worst weather associated with that system will stay to our north,” he said.

Until then, Sunday and Monday will remain wet and slightly windy. Drivers should watch out for minor street flooding and small boat owners should stay out of the water because there is a slight risk of rip currents.

Nothing “too unusual” for a typical South Florida summer, said Bettwy.

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This article will be updated as more information becomes available.