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Miami Beach police: Man filmed Hooters contestants undressing in Fontainebleau

A Georgia man has been arrested after police say he filmed an unauthorized, behind-the-scenes video of Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant contestants disrobing at the swanky Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel.

Miami Beach police arrested Ronald Keith Rolfes Sunday night and charged him with video voyeurism.

They said evidence against the 31-year-old, who was in the models’ changing room as part of an entourage with Waterbabies Bikini, was ironclad: he recorded himself hiding his camera and admitted to the crime.

“Man to man, I did it because I’ve never had a girlfriend,” Rolfes allegedly told a male officer.

According to Rolfes’ arrest report, officers Rosa Olivo and Lisa Lobello were in the Fontainebleau responding to a different issue when one of the 101 contestants who will compete for a $50,000 first place prize during a Saturday swimsuit pageant at The Fillmore Miami Beach “frantically” ran up to them.

The model said she had discovered a hidden camera in the contestants’ changing area.

The model said she was undressing in the hotel meeting room where a curtain had been raised to create a private changing area when she noticed a video camera recording from inside an unzipped backpack stashed below a chair.

Olivo wrote in her report that she found the camera inside the open backpack but still plugged into a wall outlet. Rolfes was sitting in the room, she wrote.

Olivo confiscated the camera after she said she viewed the recording and watched Rolfes setting up the camera and then a model undressing.

Michael Chu, owner of the Georgia-based Waterbabies, said Rolfes isn’t an employee but a friend who sometimes pays his own way to travel with the company on business. He said Rolfes was supposed to be standing at the door to ensure that no one “walked away with our products.”

Chu and police said Rolfes set up the camera without the bikini company’s knowledge.