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Nine ‘I Love Lucy’ look-a-likes take the stage in Coconut Creek

A collection of middle aged women and one large man in polka dot dresses, aprons and red wigs took the stage Friday night at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek.

With black and white scenes from I Love Lucy episodes playing on the screen behind them, the I Love Lucy look-a-like contest gave some contestants a run for their money.

"We have got the largest collection of Lucy's in Broward County," cried the announcer as gamblers looked up from their slot machines to cheer.

The first competition was the best "Lucy cry." Nine contestants performed their best imitation of Lucille Ball's famous wide, open-mouthed scream.

The team of Lucy's took off their shoes and stomped around the stage as if they were squishing grapes like the famous wine-making episode.

The crowd squealed in delight as they saw their favorite shows reenacted. 

"We think it's hilarious. We grew up with I Love Lucy," said Deb Heller of Deerfield Beach, who attended the event with her husband Gary.

The manly Lucy won the contest and the $1,000 grand prize as the crowd approved with loud applause.

“My name is Mr. Billy Craig," he announced in his acceptance speech. "South Florida’s largest Lucy!"