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Pembroke Pines woman awakened by noise shot by bullet

Linda McNamara did what anyone else would have done.

It was 12:30 a.m. Friday and she was in bed, when she heard a noise.

She got up to see what was going on, when two gunshots came in through the window, hitting her in the chest, according to her son, Kevin McNamara.

McNamara, 61, was pronounced dead at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

Her husband of three decades was laying in the same bed and slept through the noise.

On Friday, David McNamara said he was “too hurt to talk.’’

When Pembroke Pines police arrived at the home, at 8642 SW 14th St., they found several bullet holes in the McNamara’s bedroom window.

“Several shots were fired toward the listed residents by unknown subjects,” Pembroke Pines Police Captain Al Xiques said. “The victim, who was in her bedroom and heard the shots, was struck by the gunfire after getting out of bed to investigate.”

McNamara leaves behind her husband, David, son Kevin, 30 and a daughter, Elena McNamara, 25.

Neighbor Pete Balcarce called 911 when he heard gunshots. When he came outside, he saw a car drive away.

“That bullet wasn’t meant for [Linda],” Balcarce said.

Another neighbor, Mauricio Diaz, lives next door to the McNamara’s.

Diaz said he can’t get the image of McNamara’s husband out of his mind.

“He came out screaming and yelling and crying so early in the morning: ‘They killed my wife. They killed my wife,’’’ Diaz said. “I was standing on my porch and tried to comfort him but didn’t know how.”

Friends say Linda McNamara was mostly known for the parties she would throw on special occasions. She was described as loving, genuine and dynamite.

Police are investigating whether the shooting was targeted or if McNamara was hit by stray gunfire.

But friends are sure the bullets were not meant for Linda.

“She was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said family friend Sue Ambler. “That wrong place just happened to be her own home.”

Police are searching for suspects and ask anyone with information to call 954-431-2200 or e-mail

Miami Herald staff photographer Walt Michot contributed to this report.