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Flying road debris impales SUV windshield, barely misses occupants

Weston newlyweds Sateena Spates and Carlton Francis Jr. found misfortune and luck on the road at the same time.

Spates was heading behind the wheel of a white Range Rover, with Francis by her side, when a metal rod shot into the air and pierced their windshield Tuesday afternoon on Interstate 95 near Stirling Road in Hollywood.

The pole appeared to penetrate the SUV right between the couple. Spates, 31, and Francis, 29, were taken to the hospital as a precaution from the glass fragments but neither suffered serious injuries.

“They’re extremely lucky that it didn’t come straight at them with enough of an angle that it came across the front of the windshield,” Sgt. Mark Wysocky of the Florida Highway Patrol told Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

It’s unclear how the rod ended up in the roadway. Wysocky said the piece was larger than other road debris hitting other cars.