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Stopping the Patriots’ Vince Wilfork will be a giant task

I looked out the window of my hotel room and saw Vince Wilfork.

And not much else.

He’s pretty much the picture at Super Bowl 46. That’s a lot of picture – 327 pounds of pure Boynton Beach beef.

I wouldn’t say Wilfork is the dominant figure of Super Bowl 46, not as long as Tom Brady and Eli Manning are upright in their pockets. But he’s right there.

And there.

And there.

“Vince moves around,” says Bill Belichick, the Patriots head coach.

Ask the Giants, who are spending a lot of the early week wondering how to block him. Just don’t ask Vince.

“I try to take up some space, and keep moving,” Wilfork says. “Not necessarily in that order.”

Does both.

I don’t know that it’s quite right to call the former Miami Hurricane the most dominating DL in Super Bowl history. I do know I can’t remember any better.

The last time anybody simultaneously this big and this agile went through a Super Bowl was, ah, never.

I passed Wilfork in a hotel hallway. It felt like somebody had dropped another building into the hallway. I was pressed up against the wall like a sheet .

Vince said, “Excuse me.” It sounded like something coming from the p.a. system at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Giants have been wondering how to block him. They thought of Sherman tanks, but were told those are illegal in Lucas Oil Stadium.

They thought of trying six guys at once, but that would leave them short other places.

The Patriots keep wondering how to feed him, but 10 trucks aren’t allowed in their hotel dining room. Besides, Indy would like to feed somebody else, too, this particular week.

They want to make sure he’s comfortable sleeping, so they’re bringing in a new bed. On a derrick.

And if that bed needs changing, Vince can handle that, too. “He does just as much at home as he does on the field,” says his wife, Bianca. “He cooks. He cleans. He changes diapers.”

There’s always plenty to do there. They have three children — son D’Aundre Tre’Nard, 14, David Dream-Angel, 2, and daughter Destiny Barbara, 8.

Right now, though, Vince wants to father another Super Bowl victory.

This kind of thing is getting to be sort of routine. In 2007, he was named one of the 100 greatest high school players in Florida history.

Before that, he set the Florida state high school shot put record.

He’s used to pushing things around.