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Setting the record straight: salaries at the Ben Gamla charter schools

A story published online on Dec. 10 and in print on Dec. 11 about charter schools incorrectly reported that the salaries of the principal and several teachers at the Ben Gamla schools in Hollywood and Plantation were significantly higher than those paid at other charter schools.

The story listed principal Sharon Miller’s salary at $225,000 and said 11 teachers make more than $100,000 yearly. According to documents from the school, Miller was actually paid $106,505 last year and the teachers were paid in the $40,000-to-$50,000 range.

The salaries reported in the story came from a database published by the Florida Department of Education, which says its salary information is provided by the local school districts, which receive the information from the schools themselves.

Neither the Ben Gamla schools nor the Department of Education had an explanation for how the disputed salaries ended up in the state’s database.