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Miami Dolphins’ Tony Sparano makes case to stay put

It might be too late for Tony Sparano, but he isn’t coaching like it, and the Dolphins certainly aren’t playing like it.

Yes, I’m saying bring back Sparano, and general manager Jeff Ireland, too.

You’ve got two bosses on a 4-1 roll even if they were 0-7 before that.

For a team supposedly run by both a lame-duck coach and lame-duck quarterback in Matt Moore, the Dolphins are something else.

It’s been a while since things looked this good, and now they have a good chance in each of their last four games. Maybe the Dolphins won’t be favored most of the time against the Eagles, Bills, Patriots and Jets, but these guys don’t sweat odds.

If they did, they would have chucked everything after Chad Henne got hurt way back when.

What I’m saying is, the Dolphins still have a chance to be good. You wouldn’t call the season statistically good at 8-8, even if they win out from here.

But they can finish good, even if Stephen Ross has already promised himself a new coach and general manager as well because Ireland might be gone, too. And hey, no rule against an owner changing his mind.

My advice (totally unsolicited as usual): Bring back Sparano and Ireland. I know I’m arguing against facts, because they’re only 29-31 for the partnership — but hot’s hot.

Just tune in the Raiders:

• “They are a great defense.” — Michael Bush.

• “They did exactly what they needed to do stop our running game and make us throw the ball.” — Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Several Raiders said after they watched the Dolphins on tape, they asked themselves, “How are they 3-8?’ It’s weird they have that record.”

The Dolphins have given up 54 points while scoring 139 points over their past five games. If you’re looking for recommendations for a coach and GM, those stats will do.

Of course, the players deserve a little credit, too.