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At least 28 killed in Iraq suicide attack

BAGHDAD — At least 28 people were killed among them Khalid al-Fahdawi, a lawmaker from the al-Wasat Coalition (the Middle Coalition) and 37 others were wounded when a suicide attack targeted a major Sunni mosque in west Baghdad Sunday night.

The explosion, which was heard from a distance took place inside Um al-Qura mosque, the headquarters of the Sunni endowment during the prayers of the last days of Ramadan, when attendance is up. Police confirmed that young boys were among the casualties.

Police says that the suicide bomber used C4 explosives hidden under a splint and tried to be as close as possible to the head of the Sunni endowment, Ahmed Abdul Ghafoor al-Samarra'i, who was injured in the attack.

In a phone call with one of the Iraqi satellite channels after the attack, al- Samarra'i accused al Qaida of mounting the attack.

He said he received more than 30 threats because of his position against the Syrian regime. No group claimed its responsibility for the attack yet.

One civilian was killed and 15 others people including security members were wounded in four other attacks targeted security forces and civilians throughout Baghdad.

The speaker of the parliament, Osama al Nujaifi, issued a statement in which he condemned the attack that targeted the worshippers in Um al-Qura mosque. He said that the attacks show a great disdain to the holiness of the sacred month of Ramadan and the houses of God.

(Laith Hammoudi is a special correspondent)


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