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Hollywood rescinds officer layoffs

Thirteen Hollywood police officers who were set to be laid off have had their jobs reinstated after their fellow officers agreed to a steep pay cut in the department.

Hollywood public information officer Raelin Storey said the decision was made during a special city commission meeting Thursday morning. The agreement on the 12.5 percent pay cut was made Tuesday between the city and the police benevolent association.

The Hollywood City Commission had voted in mid-June to lay off the officers and cut the remaining officers salaries by 10 percent. During the same meeting, the commission cut salaries of firefighters by 12.5 percent and cut salaries to the mayor and commissioner’s staff by 10 percent.

Chief Chadwick Wagner had heavily criticized the commission’s decision and said at the time that he would have had to cut back patrols in some areas and said the city would be more vulnerable to crime if the officers were laid off.

At the time of the original vote, unions criticized the commission saying they could have used Community Redevelopment Agency money to fill budget gaps.