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Roommate squabble leads to attack with machete

Marathon resident Eduardo Gonzalez can probably beat out any roommate-from-hell story.

The 45-year-old suffered a pair of deep cuts to his left arm Tuesday night after his short-time roommate, Fidel Gutierrez, attacked him with a machete. The reason, says the Monroe County Sheriff's Office: Guiterrez, 52, was asked to move out of the trailer, at Lot 29 in the Trailerama mobile-home park at U.S. 1 and 15th Street.

The Sheriff's Office says he moved in a few days ago but obviously it wasn't working out. Gonzalez told him so as the two were talking outside the trailer around 8:15 p.m.

Gutierrez didn't take it well, and an argument started. That's when, authorities say, he went inside the trailer and came out swinging with the machete.

When deputies got there, they found Gonzalez covered in blood with a white shirt wrapped around his bicep "in a tourniquet fashion." The deputies know Gutierrez and set out searching areas where they know he hangs out.

He was found a short time later hiding under a canopy in a deep wooded area bordered by Ocean Terrace and 15th Street.

Deputy Becky Herrin says Gutierrez claimed Gonzalez actually attacked him with the machete, and that he took it away and swung it. But an arrest report says evidence supports Gonzalez's version of events.

He says that after Gutierrez attacked him with the machete, he threw two cinderblocks back to protect himself. One hit Gutierrez in the ribs, but he was able to "close the distance and charged [Gonzalez] while holding the machete up over his head." Gonzalez tried to block the blows with his left arm but was cut on the forearm and triceps.

Both were treated at Fishermen's Hospital. Gonzalez received numerous staples to close his wounds; Gutierrez received a ride to jail, where he was charged with attempted murder.

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