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Luis Posada acquitted in Texas perjury case

A Texas jury has found an elderly ex-CIA agent from Cuba not guilty of all 11 counts of perjury, obstruction and immigration fraud.

After a 13-week trial, jurors deliberated for just three hours before agreeing Friday to exonerate 83-year-old Luis Posada Carriles (loo-EES' poh-SAH'-duh cah-REE'-lehs).

Posada was born in Cuba and spent decades working to destabilize Latin American communist governments. He often had Washington's support.

But he sneaked into the U.S. in 2005 and was charged with lying during citizenship hearings in El Paso about how he reached U.S. soil, and about allegedly masterminding deadly 1997 bombings in Cuba.

Posada is viewed as Public Enemy No. 1 in his homeland and is considered ex-President Fidel Castro's nemesis. He had been living in Miami before his trial began.