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Camel euthanized at Zoo Miami

A Dromedary camel at Zoo Miami was euthanized Wednesday nearly a week after being hurt during an incident with an escaped Indian Guar, which is a type of wild cattle.

According to Zoo Communications Director Ron Magill, the elderly female camel was euthanized due to pre-existing conditions which were exacerbated when she panicked and fell after the escaped Guar jumped into the camel exhibit on Thursday, March 10th. The 14-year-old camel splayed its legs during the fall and though she eventually stood up afterwards, there was apparently some severe muscular and joint damage that became increasingly apparent in the last several days, according to Magill.

It was a difficult decision but one that had to be made, according to Magill, after the camel laid down and was unable to stand for more than 24-hours. This particular camel had a history of leg and joint problems commonly associated with her advanced age which she was being treated for prior to the incident with the Guar. The stress of the fall and subsequent muscular and joint damage caused by it were simply too much for her to overcome.

The day of the incident, the Guar was out of its exhibit for about a half hour. It never ventured into any public areas or came into contact with any zoo visitors.

A preliminary investigation found a compromised area in the rear moat of the exhibit which allowed the animal to breach the barrier. Zoo management is making modifications so this incident does not happen again.