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Freed Guantánamo captives call for release of other Afghan detainees

KABUL - Afghans who served time at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay are calling for the quick release of fellow Afghan detainees.

Forty former Guantanamo detainees formed a committee in Kabul this week to seek the release of an estimated 20 Afghans who remain incarcerated there.

Abdul Salam Zaeef, the Taliban's ambassador to Pakistan who was freed from Guantanamo in 2005, said in a statement released Monday night that the group also wants certain Afghans removed from the U.N.'s blacklist, which subjects them to asset freezes and travel bans.

The U.N. recently removed 10 Taliban from the list.

The committee says it wants the international community to erase some of the other 135 individuals and entities linked to the Taliban who remain blacklisted.