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School bookkeeper charged with grand theft

A bookkeeper at Diamond View Elementary School on Haverhill Road, was arrested after $10,000 that was never deposited was found in her office, police reported.

Kim Griffin was charged late Tuesday night with organized scheme to defraud and grand theft, according to Palm Beach County School District Police.

At her first court appearance Wednesday morning, Circuit Judge Krista Marx ordered Kim Griffin, of Lake Worth, be held in lieu of $3,000 bond.

Griffin, 36, removed money that was deposited into the school safe by other employees and never deposited it into the school bank account, according to an affidavit. She is accused of removing money on numerous occasions between November 2009 and January 2010. The total amount missing was $13,571.49, the affidavit says.

Almost $10,000 was found in envelopes in her office.

Documents recording the money deposited also were missing.

Police contacted 23 school employees who had receipts showing that they deposited a total of $13,262.24 into the school safe during the same time period. But the matching receipts that Griffin was supposed to have once the money was deposited into the bank were not found. Only $13.50 was found in checks that were deposited at a later date.

Griffin has been the school bookkeeper since July 2003, school district spokesman Nat Harrington said Wednesday afternoon. She was removed from her position last January while the case was being investigated and was reassigned to an administrative position "away from the school and away from the students," he said.

Of the total $13,571.49, $3,400 cash remains unaccounted for, he said. The rest of the money was found in checks.

If found guilty of both charges, Griffin faces up to 10 years in prison.

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