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School treasurer facing fraud, grand theft charges

An elementary school treasurer who lost his job earlier this year after being accused of using school money to buy a car and other personal items is in jail this morning facing charges of grand theft and fraud.

Rovielle Elmond, once a treasurer at Morikami Park Elementary, was booked into the jail yesterday.

The Palm Beach County School Board voted unanimously to fire him back in November.

According to a special audit and a district investigation, Elmond loaned himself money from the school's internal accounts and later repaid the school with personal checks.

Auditors found that in fiscal year 2009, Elmond altered financial records involving more than $45,000 in school funds and that he borrowed about $4,600 to buy a car.

At least $2,600 wasn't replaced, the auditors found.

Elmond, who wasn't at the meeting and had worked for the district for two years, has said he wasn't aware school employees weren't allowed to use school money for loans.

The board voted to suspend Elmond without pay immediately

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