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Health officials warn of hookworms on Miami Beach

After reports that hookworms had been detected along a stretch of Miami Beach, the Miami-Dade Health Department confirmed Monday that three people were treated for hookworms.

Another four cases are suspected and officials are trying to determine if those people had hookworms.

Officials say the problem appears to be contained around the area of 50th Street and Miami Beach because of stray cats.

CBS4's Chief I-Team Investigator Michele Gillen visited the beach Friday afternoon and reported that officials had not yet tested the sand.

"We're still in the middle of the investigation," Samir Elmir, of the Miami-Dade Health Department said. "We have not tested the sand at this point."

Elmir also cautioned beach goers to wear shoes when walking on the sand and wash before and after entering the water.

"Use sandals to walk on the beach and a towel or blanket to lay on the sand," said Olga Connor, of the Miami-Dade Health Department.

Anyone who suspects being infected by a hookworm, should look for the following symptoms:

"The infection begins with itching of the skin and rashes of the skin, where the skin comes in contact with the soil," Elmir said.