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Text | Unsworn Guantánamo statement of Omar Khadr


I ask that you consider this letter about what happened to me at Bagram in 2002. It ishard for me to talk about. I know it does not change what I did but I hope you will thinkabout it when punishing me.

At first I did not tell them my interrogators what really happened. My maininterrogator, Interrogator #1, told me he knew I was lying. He told me that it was fine if Idid not tell him the truth. He told me a story about a young Afghan who lied to him. Hetold me they thought the Afghan guy had not done anything seriously wrong. But theysent him to an American prison for lying to Americans.

He told me a story about an Afghan getting sent to an American prison, and hesaid there's a bunch of, you know, big black guys and, you know, the big Nazis are there,and they noticed this little Afghan who doesn't speak their language. He, you know, heprays five times a day; he's got to be a Muslim. Remember, they're Americans. They'restill kind of upset and mad about the September 11 th attacks, so, you know, they're stillpatriotic even though they're inmates. And the guards, they do everything they can toprotect this little guy and keep him out of harm's way, but, you know, nobody could beeverywhere at once. Things happen. We don't want things to happen, especially toanybody, and this poor little kid, we couldn't clear out. You know, he's like 20 years old.He's kind of scared. He's away from home; kind of isolated, you know, no one canreally understand him.

It would be unfortunate that, you know--that apparently one time he was in theshower by himself and these four big black guys, they showed up in prison. They said,hey, we know all about you Muslims. You attacked the country. And we didn't wantanything to happen to this kid. We just wanted him to talk to us, but he decided hewanted to lie and didn't want to be straight with us. And it's terrible that somethingwould happen but, you know, they caught him in the shower and they raped him and, youknow, it was terrible. This kid got hurt. And we think he ended up dying but we're notquite sure.

This story scared me very much and made me cry. Interrogator #3 was also thereand he saw the whole thing happen.

SignedOmar A. Khadr