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Man accused of sexually assaulting acquaintance

A Greenacres woman alleges an acquaintance raped her as she slept off a night of drinking, according to a report.

Joel A. Castillo, 27, of suburban West Palm Beach, is charged with sexual assault on an incapacitated person and burglary.

According to a Greenacres Public Safety report, the 28-year-old woman came to police headquarters Tuesday to tell officers that, on the evening of Oct. 20, she had invited Castillo and a 29-year-old woman to her home.

The alleged victim said all three got very drunk and she remembered only feeling ill and being tucked in by both before the two left.

Sometime during the night, the woman said, she heard the front door open and saw Castillo. She said he helped her to the bathroom and helped clean her up, but then took her back to her bed and forced himself on her.

Over the next few days, the woman said, Castillo sent her several text messages, apologizing.

Castillo later told police he and the other woman had gone home after the gathering. He initially denied going back to the alleged victim's home, but later said it was possible that he'd had consensual sex with her.

This morning, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Krista Marx ordered Castillo held without bond, and ordered he have no contact with the alleged victim.

West Palm Beach attorney John B. Cleary, Jr., had asked for lower bond, saying Castillo was not a flight risk. He said the Dominican Republic native had lived in Florida for 12 years, was a student, and had no previous arrests.

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