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Couple accused of killing ducks expected to testify

Accused of destroying ducks, a local couple is expected to take the stand this afternoon and defend their actions that could send them to jail for a year.

"They loved the ducks. The used to feed them. But it got so bad they were slipping and sliding on duck feces on their lawn," said their attorney Mitchell Beers.

Besides pooping on their property, the eight ducks were laying eggs, chewing up landscaping and quacking too loud, claim Frenchman's Landing residents Robert and Blain Aymond.

They hired a trapper to take the ducks on a one-way ride to the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in April 2009. And euthanize the ducks.

The Aymonds figured they had a legal right to remove the ducks because they were a nuisance, Beers said at Monday's opening day of the non-jury trial.

The prosecution countered the ducks were the property of the homeowner's association, which hatched them from eggs. Paying to have the ducks taken away makes the Aymonds guilty of first-degree misdemeanor theft, Assistant State Attorney Pamela Ford said.

Furthermore, the Aymonds knew the ducks were headed for certain death at Peggy Adams, said Ford.

The animal shelter's former director testified Monday she told the Aymonds they would euthanize the ducks.

The Aymonds offered the homeowners association $270 to drop the case. The association refused, said Beers.

"(The Aymonds) did not have all the ducks taken away," Beers said. "They left about eight of them."

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