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Police: Hundreds of teens at booze-fueled mansion party

Hundreds of teenagers were drinking, drunk, sick or passed out at a private homecoming party held at a mansion in an upscale Boca Raton neighborhood on Sunday, according to a police report.

With sirens blaring and lights flashing, Boca Raton Fire Rescue and eight police officers arrived at 4040 Ibis Point Circle at 12:29 a.m. to respond to a medical emergency call from security officers at The Sanctuary.

Access to the party scene was difficult because four charter buses were parked in the street. One of them had broken down and was partially blocking the roadway into Ibis Point Circle, police said.

According to the police report, officers found about 100 juveniles drinking outside; five were vomiting and four teenage girls were lying unconscious on the front lawn.

Those four teens were taken to Boca Raton Regional Hospital, police said, and six teens and two adults were taken into custody.

Inside the $2.7 million, 17,000-square-foot home, police say, they found another 500 juveniles, most carrying alcoholic beverages despite appearing to be under the legal drinking age of 21.

The party hosts, Shlomo and Jeannie Rasabi, were found in their bedroom. Both pleaded ignorance, according to the police report.

"I didn't even know all these kids were here; they all brought alcohol into the house," Shlomo Rasabi said. "My wife and I planned a party for homecoming for American Heritage School in which all the kids had a party at our house [but] it was never supposed to get this big. I was in my room the whole time."

His wife, Jeannie Rasabi, had an almost identical response to police questions.

"I planned this party and allowed some of these kids from my son's school to come over for a homecoming party," she said. "I was in my room the whole time because my son wanted me to stay there for the evening so he could have the party.

"Everyone brought their alcohol into the house," she added.

The Rasabis could not be reached for comment despite a call to the house. A recording indicated that the number was no longer in service.

The couple — whose two children, 16 and 17, answered the door for police — are facing only a misdemeanor charge of having a noisy 'open house party' instead of more serious charges of supplying alcohol to minors.

"It's a matter of whether they provided it or they were just allowing it," said Boca Raton Police Officer Sandra Boonenberg. "The parents were given court dates and they were released. They were not taken to jail and booked. The juveniles were all arrested for possession of alcohol and released to their parents."

The police report noted the Rasabis did not take any precautionary measures to identify underage drinkers, such as wristbands or stamps, but they did hire security described as "unlicensed personnel."

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