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Man, 82, tells 911 dispatcher he killed girlfriend

Come quickly, and bring medics, the caller said. He'd just killed someone.

"I did it," 82-year-old Alfred Infosino told a 911 dispatcher just after 7 a.m. Thursday from his home west of Delray Beach.

Asked to elaborate, a report says, he said, "I killed my girlfriend. I beat her to death with a flashlight battery."

He wasn't done.

"I drank ammonia."

Chilling details in a Palm Beach County Sheriff's affidavit describe the grisly attack Thursday that ended with Infosino's longtime partner, Rita Chirel, dead and Infosino being treated at Delray Medical Center.

Neighbors described the former president of the Bottlebrush homeowners' board as as soft and gentle.

But a friend said Chirel had told her that Infosino had threatened to kill her, as recently as a week ago, and Chirel had "taken the threats seriously enough to seek possible legal remedies to have her will, and the executor of her estate changed from that of (Infosino)," the report said.

It doesn't say if she'd accomplished that before her death, and court records show no filings by Chirel.

According to the sheriff's report, the friend, Myra Martin, 76, told deputies Infosino called her a few minutes after dialing 911.

She said he told her, "I lost it, I just killed Rita. I called the police. Please come over".

Martin, reached by telephone this afternoon, declined to comment.

Infosino was expected to be transferred this afternoon to the Palm Beach County Jail and formally booked on a first-degree murder charge.

Because he still was hospitalized this morning, he wasn't at a scheduled bond hearing, so Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Ted S. Booras reset it for Monday.

When deputies arrived at the home on Bottlebrush Circle, in the 55-plus community west of Military Trail and north of Linton Boulevard, Infosino was standing outside.

In the house, deputies found Chirel face down, covered in blood in a bedroom. The room's disarray suggested a fight.

Blood also covered the bed, clothes, furniture, and walls - and a broken orange flashlight.

In the kitchen, deputies found more blood on the floor. A lower cabinet door was open and a bottle of ammonia sat on the table.

At the hospital, Infosino's face, feet and arms were covered in blood, the report said.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Teri Barbera said there is no history of sheriff's calls to the home and Infosino had no a criminal record.

But neighbors said that the couple had been arguing recently and that Infosino talked to some of them about moving out and renting a room.

Investigators believe the two had been together for at least five years. Palm Beach County Property Appraiser records indicate Chirel bought the home in 1993 and added Infosino as co-owner in 2006.

New York Bar records show Infosino has been a lawyer in that state since 1954 and a graduate of the Brooklyn Law School.

Neighbors say Infosino was president of the homeowners association until April.

"He seemed like a very nice, gentle old man," said David Fuchs, the association's current vice president.

He said Infosino was neither angry nor violent.

Fuchs said Infosino was visible when he was president, but after he was voted out, he wasn't seen much.

"I think he wasn't feeling too good," Fuchs said.

Staff Writers Cynthia Roldan, Sonja Isger and Michael LaForgia and staff researcher Niels Heimeriks contributed to this story.