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Baby remains in critical condition, police investigate alleged abuse

A six-month-old baby girl named Reginiya is clinging to life at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami on Saturday.

Police officers are investigating how the baby suffered the life-threatening injuries that left her in a coma.

On Friday morning, North Miami police and Fire-Rescue responded to a call at a North Miami apartment complex, 1595 N.E. 125th St., where the mother's boyfriend Christopher Anderson lives.

Anderson said that the mother Angela Williams had dropped off the baby at his apartment on Thursday night saying that the baby was sick. He heard the baby make noises in the morning, and saw her loose consciousness. He thought the baby may have been choking.

"It's like she was looking at me, holding my T-shirt right here, and then all of a sudden her hands just dropped from my T-shirt and her eyes rolled in the back of her head," said Anderson. "It was just crazy man. It was like holding a dead body."

Anderson said that he used to live with Williams, 17, and the baby, but that she had moved to Hollywood after they had gotten into a fight.

North Miami Police questioned Williams after she showed up to the police station on Friday. They expected to charge her with aggravated child abuse, but because the suspected abuse happened in Hollywood they transferred her to Hollywood's police headquarters.

In North Miami, Anderson broke down and began to cry when a CBS-4 reporter told him that it was likely that the baby would not make it out of the hospital alive.

"I did notice about two weeks ago that the baby had some sort of weight loss," said Anderson. "She was adorable. She was always laughing. She was kind of spoiled."

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