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Prominent developer from France lands in South Florida

Eric Korchia, a leading French real estate developer, has relocated to South Florida with the intent of re-invigorating a new wave of architecture in Miami Beach.

Korchia has just completed a spectacular residential project in Miami Beach’s Venetian Isles. The 5,000-plus square-foot villa, at 250 E San Marino Dr., is already drawing accolades and praise from the real estate community and has been recognized as the first belle-époque, turn-of-the-century structure by a Miami Beach’s Historical Preservation Board member.

Korchia is uniquely positioned to deliver on such ambitions. His formative years in the real estate industry were spent in Paris and the French Riviera at the prestigious Mozart Real Estate agency. After just his first year there, he was promoted to director of the Estates and Large Home Department, the youngest person in the history of this prestigious firm to achieve such an honor. Having quickly honed his skills and formidable talents, he created The Group Haussmann in 1995.

“I wanted to add greater service and value to my clients who were looking for a more integrated approach to their property needs,” Korchia has recently said.

The Group Haussmann specialized in the development, design, management, renovation and sales of high-end luxury properties in France, particularly in the Cap Ferrat, St. Tropez and Monte Carlo region. Within 15 years, The Group Haussmann became one of the most successful and respected companies in all of France. Its clients included well-known, high net-worth families in Europe. The Group Haussmann was also the sole representative for Sotheby’s in the French Riviera and was a key financial consultant to many European banks and financial institutions.

On the architectural front, Korchia lead a design team whose reputation for innovation and excellence attracted some of the industries leading figures working today. One of his more recent European projects was the development of a 10,000-square-foot cantilevered villa perched above the Mediterranean that won unbridled accolades from the architectural and real estate communities.

Korchia recently settled in Williams Island with his wife and two children. His professional goal in Florida is to make a formidable contribution to the development and construction of properties influenced by the belle époque period that are innovative and progressive in their use of the most energy efficient technologies practiced today. His proven, exceptional skills as a developer and business leader will be a valuable asset towards the diverse urbanization of the south Florida community.

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