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Man arrested after pit bulls charge police

POMPANO BEACH - "Stay out!" a Pompano Beach man yelled at police. "Don't come in my yard! I'll release my dogs!"

With that, Lavon McNeal dispatched three large pit bulls, sending them charging into a fence, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

A team of area police were chasing a drug suspect Friday when he jumped McNeal's fence in the 1500 block of Northwest Fifth Avenue. A Davie Police sergeant pursuing him was bitten by one of the dogs, prompting a BSO deputy to shoot and injure the animal, BSO said.

The sheriff's office retracted earlier information that the sergeant and the suspect got into a scuffle and broke through the fence.

BSO arrested McNeal "because he repeatedly refused a BSO sergeant's orders to put the dog away," said Dani Moschella, BSO spokesperson.

McNeal, 24, is charged with obstruction of justice. Court records show McNeal plead no contest to possession of cocaine last year and was sentenced to more than three years probation.

The suspect in Friday's incident, Victor Rozier, 25, was charged with resisting arrest. He faces other drug charges.

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