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The three ‘E’s’ of easy moving

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, some 40 million Americans move to a new home every year. The next time you’re among them, it may pay to heed Clive Pearse, host of HGTV’s “Designed to Sell” and “Design Star.” His advice: Focus on three “E’s” to make your move economical, environmentally responsible and efficient.

The good news is you can be green while saving some green—his tips are designed to save money and be good for the planet.

• “First,” Pearse said, “movers can be economical by simply moving less stuff.” He recommends getting started by re-evaluating your belongings and selling anything no longer needed or wanted online or at a yard sale. You can also donate many items to charity and so save the cost of moving them.

• “Next, think free packing materials—why pay for them when there are items all around you that will do the job and are free,” continued Pearse. Items such as plastic grocery store bags and dishtowels make great filler when you’re packing boxes. Ask friends to save packing materials from packages they’ve received, such as Bubble Wrap and Styrofoam peanuts, and reuse them. Ask stores you shop at for any empty boxes that are usually thrown away. This not only saves money but helps the environment, since items are being reused.

• Finally, efficiency pays off. Save time and avoid frustrations once you’ve moved by arranging to have your utilities and services hooked up when you arrive at your new home. “Here’s a tip that will save several phone calls. Connect your TV, phone and Internet with one quick call or online visit by using the Cable Mover Hotline,” said Pearse. Go to www. or call (877) 9TV-MOVE and you can transfer your services from your current cable company to the company at your new home. It doesn’t matter if your move is across town or across the country.

Keep these tips in mind and you may find you can keep more of your money for fixing up your new home.