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Florida Marlins player is victim of ID theft victim

Arizona state police say a man they stopped on a Phoenix freeway for having a low tire has been arrested on suspicion of stealing the identity of a Florida Marlins player.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman says 41-year-old Oscar Corral showed an officer a fake Puerto Rican driver's license with the name of Enrique Calero Carrion. DPS said that happens to be the full name of Florida Marlins relief pitcher Kiko Calero.

Corral also showed the officer a Social Security card with Calero's number during Thursday's traffic stop. Corral was then arrested for possession of forged documents.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves says Corral is a Mexican citizen living in Chandler. He remained in the Maricopa County jail on Friday and hasn't yet been assigned a lawyer.

"I checked everything and everything is fine,'' said Calero, a native of Puerto Rico.