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EQ3 provides modern home furnishing for today’s lifestyles

EQ3 is committed to providing affordable, modern home furnishings to those who value modern design, says a company spokesperson.

EQ3 was established in 2001 under the direction of Peter Tielmann. Originally rooted in European design, it has since taken on its own unique design position, mediating the European influence with North American lifestyle realities, says the spokesperson.

The designs of EQ3 are globally inspired and respond to the growing interest by many across generations who live a modern lifestyle. During the past seven years, EQ3 has opened 26 freestanding showrooms in Canada, the United States and around the world.

This past year new corporate showrooms were opened in Las Vegas and Dallas, and most recently, EQ3 showrooms were opened in Bangkok, Bahrain and Aruba. In addition, 50 EQ3 galleries have been established in major furniture dealers’ showrooms in North America and beyond, adds the spokesperson.

EQ3 showrooms have become inspiring destinations for many, says the spokesperson. There, design and wonder meet, new ideas are welcomed, individuality finds personal expression, and the value and ideals of “home” are celebrated, says the spokesperson.

“EQ3 understands furniture consumers of all ages, whether first-time buyers or those who are redefining their lifestyle. All are influenced by global trends including fashion, music and the arts. EQ3 has been focused on developing collections that address current trends while reflecting the EQ3 mission to make modern design accessible and affordable. EQ3 is enthusiastic about our presence in Miami, and is excited to offer design solutions for the dynamic lifestyles of this city,” says Tielmann. For more information, visit