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 Silicone caulking for bathtub drains.

 Manual can and bottle openers.

 Camp stove, oven mitts.

 Battery-operated radio and/or television, fan, lanterns and flashlights.

 Fire extinguisher.

 Clothesline and pins.

 Duct tape.


 Plastic trash bags with ties and large, sealable plastic bags.

 Disposable tableware and paper towels

 Toilet paper, premoistened towelettes and personal hygiene supplies

 Contact-lens solution, extra eyeglasses.

 Baby food, diapers.

 Mop and bucket.

 Film or digital camera.

 Plain chlorine bleach.

 Clean containers for storing drinking water.


 Activated charcoal or baking soda to deodorize refrigerator.

 Lime, to sterilize garbage in case pickup is delayed.

 Pet supplies.