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Hospital statement accounts for just one day

Q. I was admitted to Baptist Hospital on March 11 and discharged on March 16. I requested an itemized statement to send to my insurer so I would be compensated for the days I was in the hospital.

The insurer only sent me a check for one day because the statement has me admitted and discharged March 16.

Baptist's billing department tells me it will take 12 to 20 weeks to correct, which is unacceptable. Please help me!

-- Charese Coles, Cutler Bay

A. We forwarded your e-mail to Baptist, which checked your account and corrected the billing.

In an e-mail, spokeswoman Anne Streeter said that, upon investigating, Baptist found that you were initially placed in an outpatient observation unit before being admitted as an inpatient. "Unfortunately, this conversion in status was not recorded correctly. The error was ours, and we apologize," Streeter said.

A new itemized statement has been sent to you.