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Weekend 'curfew' for Piarco, Oropune villagers

Piarco and Oropune villagers will be involuntarily confined to their homes this weekend after the Summit Secretariat failed to ensure that everyone living in these areas received accreditation to move freely in their communities during the Fifth Summit of the Americas.

In separate telephone interviews residents and business owners many of whom completed their accreditation forms since the middle of March expressed their gross dissatisfaction over the way they have been treated.

Phillip Ramsaran, a resident of Oropune Village, which falls in the Yellow Zone said that he did not receive any type of accreditation although he filled out the required form and took the photo. Ramsaran said he was told by the police that problems in Port of Spain caused the delay in the issuing of the accreditation passes.

"Some people get, some didn't get. So you have houses with four and five people and three might get and two didn't get. The police told us when we went this morning that there was some mix up why they didn't get all the passes but they are were supposed to get some more later."

"I am not satisfied with this at all because this affecting me real bad as a taxi driver I have to go out there to make a living and they telling me that I may not be able to leave home for the entire weekend," he said.

Another resident who lives just a stone's throw away from the Piarco Police Station told the Express that none of the three people who live in her house got passes.

"It's three of us in the house my husband, my son and myself and none of us got a pass. I went three times to the station yesterday (Wednesday), my son checked, my husband went and still nothing," she added.

Hayman Ramhadhan who also lives in Piarco, the Red Zone, area says although he received a personal pass he did not get one for his car.

"Yesterday we went to collect the passes but I only got a personal one. They didn't give me any for the car although I applied for one for the car too but they are saying that I can use this same one for the car."