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Up Close with ... Novak Djokovic

Editor's note: Neuman brothers Danny and Pacey, both 13, and Mikey, 15, are sports fanatics and Miami Beach locals, who interview a different professional athlete each month and Sports Scene features their Q&As. Visit and to watch this and previous interviews.

This month, the Neuman brothers interview tennis player Novak Djokovic.

Q: What was you first big purchase after you received your first big paycheck? A: I think was sixteen when I got my first paycheck. It was not much, probably around 100 dollars. I went and bought lunch for all of my friends and celebrated.

Q: Who did you look up to as a kid and why?

A: As a tennis player, I had my idol and it was Pete Sampris. I remember the picture I had of him holding up the Wimbledon trophy and I imagined myself in that position.

Q: What’s the most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?

A: I think my brothers.

Q: What was your biggest fear as a kid?

A: Animals probably. I was just afraid of some animals like snakes and spiders.

Q: As a kid, what was one of the funniest things that ever happened to you?

A: I was maybe 7-8 years old and I went with my school somewhere south of our country and we went camping. We went early in the morning and came back in the evening and I came back without underwear! Because there was no toilet and we were in the middle of the forest and I couldn’t go anywhere so unfortunately I was in the towel for the rest of the trip!

Q: What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on the court?

A: I think when I did impersonations of the other players, that’s probably the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me. I really surprised myself. I didn’t think I was able to do that, but I think most of the people liked it so I’m really happy.

Q: What was your most meaningful moment as a kid?

A: When I started playing tennis, I was four years old and I played in front of the restaurant that my parents still own.

Q: Can you tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to know?

A: I’m a sports guy. I really like sports besides tennis. I like to ski. I like snow.


Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny

Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

Movie: Slumdog millionaire

Toy as a kid: Any cars

Animal: Dolphin

Video game: Virtua Tennis with my brothers.

Drink: water or energetic drinks

Ride at Disney world: I was afraid of going on Tower of Terror.