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Warner: Summit costing more than G20 talks

The UK Government spent £20 million (TT$180 million) to host the current G20 Summit, noting the Trinidad and Tobago Government was spending "billions more" for the Fifth Summit of the Americas.

The G20 Summit, according to Chaguanas MP Jack Warner, holds far more significance because of the players involved, as well as their far-reaching decision.

"The G20 will also be far more controversial and security concerns are greater, as the leaders of these nations command more significant global concern," he said yesterday.

Warner compared this to Trinidad and Tobago spending around $600 million to host the Fifth Summit of the Americas, 333 per cent more than the British spent to host the G20 Summit.

Noting that the $600 million does not include the $200-plus million for the new residence and Diplomatic Centre for the Prime Minister, or the billions for the Waterfront Conference facilities and the Hyatt Regency, which were all built for the occasion, Warner said: "The GDP of the host nation for the G20 Summit is $2.23 trillion or 100 times the GDP of the host nation for the Summit of the Americas."